Remodeling & Additions

Improve Your Living & Work Space

Aryex takes pride in the quality remodels we perform across Southern Colorado. As a group of passionate remodeling contractors in Colorado Springs, we pour our passion into every single remodel we do. Whether we are updating a home or a commercial space, we want our clients to come away from their remodel ecstatic that their vision was fulfilled.

Residential Remodels


We will bring your kitchen into the modern age and customize it to fit your exact needs. Whether you need an island installed, new cabinetry, or new appliances, Aryex’s team of contractors are ready to help.


If you are living with an outdated bathroom, your daily flow may be hampered by failing fixtures or inconvenient layout. Do not let a poorly conceived bathroom limit your home’s potential and start planning your remodel with Aryex.


Is your basement reaching its full potential? Remodel your basement to be a fun and functional space in your home. Whether you are imagining a home theater, a home gym, or an play space for the kids, Aryex can help you fulfill your vision.


Convert your garage into a space that is for more than just your car. Whether you want your garage to serve as a workshop, a home gym, or extra storage, Aryex can remodel your garage into a functional space.

Commercial Remodels

Office Space

Is your office space in need of renewed structural support or a new look? Our team of experienced contractors can do metal framing, drywall, and more to ensure your office space is safe, functional, and appealing.


Ensure your church is ready to welcome members of the community with a safe and beautiful space. With our remodeling expertise, Aryex can create acoustic ceilings and help maintain the integrity of the structure and the interior fixtures.

Retail Space

Make sure your retail space is able to keep your customers safe and foster an inviting environment. Aryex can ensure your retail space is beautiful and functional for daily operations.

Benefits of Remodeling

Are you considering a remodel? Check out these fantastic benefits of making improvements to your home.

Add Value to Your Property

Remodeling is one of the best options for homeowners looking to invest into their homes. Adapting an aging home by updating it with more efficient and modern designs adds appeal that homebuyers look for. This leads to higher offers and more return on your investment.

Customize Spaces to Your Lifestyle

If you notice that your home is no longer meeting your needs, it is time to remodel. As you grow and change, so do your habits. A home should reflect lifestyle changes so that you can optimize your time without sacrificing any personal style.

Reduce Maintenance & Utility Costs

By replacing outdated appliances, light-fixtures, and inefficient spaces you will notice a significant improvement in your monthly bills. Investing in remodels for the more central features of your home, like the kitchen, are a great way to cut down on maintenance requirements.

Remodeling & Additions FAQs

There are many different steps needed when considering a remodel. At Aryex, when you hire us, we take care of everything for you, aside from your creative vision. All you need to do is have an idea of what you would like to change, and we will implement our skills to make it happen.

Remodeling is always cheaper than building new. This is simply because the structure and initial materials have already been purchased and constructed. With a remodel you are simply changing what exists. 

Homeowners who decide to remodel are investing in their home. Homes that implement high-quality, modern remodels can increase their overall value. A home that has no remodels will not sell competitively to a home that has remodels.

It all depends on how extensive the remodel is. If a customer is remodeling their kitchen, bathroom, garage, and basement it will take much longer than a customer who is only remodeling their bathroom. The general time frame is about 2-6+ months.

These two terms, remodeling and renovating are often used to describe when someone is changing a room or feature in their home. There is a slight difference; a renovation is when something is being restored to its original design whereas a remodel is when it is transformed into something new. At Aryex we remodel, so we create new, exciting spaces in existing areas of the home.

Remodeling Services

Deciding to remodel is a great way to maximize the investment you have made in your home. It is a cheaper option than building a new home from scratch and adds both aesthetic and financial value to older homes. Aryex is proud to help Southern Colorado homeowners fall in love with their homes again. Schedule your remodel today and reinvigorate your home with functional flair.