Outdoor Spaces

Merge home & Nature

Summertime is beautiful in Southern Colorado. With the rich beauty of clear skies, the peaked mountains, and the swaying trees, people flock to enjoy the outdoors. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with crowds and personalize your outdoor space with Aryex. By adding valuable features like patios, gazebos, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and decks to your home, you can spend time outside without having to travel. By utilizing our skills as a landscaping company in Colorado Springs, we will customize any outdoor space and turn it into a summer hotspot!

Outdoor Space Services

Patios & Decks

Elevate your outdoor events with a patio or deck. Even if you have an uneven backyard, Aryex can create a stylish, functional patio or deck for your home. We specialize in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect solution for your outdoor entertaining needs

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces

Enjoy a night in with family or entertain guests with a beautiful outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Our team will create you the perfect outdoor living space that is a safe, functional, and fun addition to your yard.

Pergolas & Gazebos

If you already have a deck or patio, a pergola or gazebo is yet another addition you can invest in. These idyllic structures are perfect for enjoying a hot Colorado day without cooking in the sun. They also make for beautiful spaces to host friends or family.

Outdoor Space Projects

If you cannot decide whether a gazebo, deck, or patio is the best outdoor space option for your home, take a look at our previous projects. Aryex has worked with a wide variety of clients from the diverse Southern Colorado area. Our portfolio is a great way to find inspiration for your own creative ideas.

Benefits of Outdoor Spaces

Are you considering taking your outdoor space to the next level? Check out these benefits of creating outdoor spaces at home.

Improve your health

Spending more time outside is a good way to stay healthy. Sitting in the sunshine, walking around your yard, and breathing fresh air are lovely ways to disconnect from busy day-to-day life. Enjoy what nature has to offer with a stylish new gazebo or an elegant patio.

Increased Home value

The amount of additions you invest in directly correlates to the value of your home. By continuing to customize and build aesthetically pleasing features that highlight the beauty of a yard, you are building up your investment.

Additional entertainment options

With a newly remodeled outdoor space, your home will become a hotspot of activity. Invite guests over to lounge under a cute gazebo or recline on a stylish patio. Entertain guests with a spacious deck suitable for parties and celebrations.

Outdoor Space FAQs

When customizing your deck with Aryex you have many style options to choose from. Whether you want an attached, detached, or wraparound, our contractors will build exactly what type of deck you want.

Any addition that adds both functionality and beauty to your home can appeal to potential home buyers. A gazebo is a great way to increase value to the often-underutilized outdoor space.

Like gazebos, patios also increase value. As a functional structure, it can act as a luxurious lounge while appealing to home buyers.

A covered patio is a great option for savvy homeowners to add value and convenience to their homes. As an addition, it maximizes space while saving energy costs.

When building your gazebo, Aryex understands the necessity of longevity. This is why our team of experts will build a gazebo on concrete. It adds structure and avoids any future issues that could arise due to uneven ground.

Outdoor Space Services
in Colorado Springs

If the thought of investing in your home and being able to spend more time outdoors excites you, it is time to build a stunning outdoor feature with Aryex. Whether a deck or gazebo suits your family, our premier Colorado Springs construction company will bring your summer vision into reality. Contact us today to get a jumpstart on your summer project.